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Notice of August 31, 2023 Game Information

Otis-Bison High School Volleyball will travel to La Crosse August 31 to play with La Crosse and Macksville.

Volleyball games begin @ 4:00 – one gym (Gate:Tera, Anita)


Warm up: 20 min. warm-up JV & Once each team plays: 10 min. warm-up

JV – 2 out of 3 matches to 15 (win by 2) w / free substitution (1 time out per team). 25 minute running clock is to stop between sets and all time outs.

V – Best 2 out of 3, with the first 2 games to 25 points and the 3rd game, if necessary, to 25 points.

LaCrosse JV vs Otis-Bison JV

Otis-Bison JV vs. Macks JV

LaCrosse JV vs. Macks JV

LaCrosse V vs. Macks V

Otis-Bison V vs Macks V

LaCrosse V vs. Otis-Bison V


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