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Questions About USD 403 E-Rate for 2023

Question: Is USD 403 seeking Internet services this year, as the RFP stated?

Answer: No, the mention of Internet services was left in by mistake.

Question: After looking at the specifications of that firewall, it looks like when all the security services are enabled, it is not capable of a gigabit throughput. Our question is just going off the assumption that you would have all the features enabled so we wanted to check with you to see if we needed to look at a firewall that had full gigabit throughput or not.

Answer:The throughput the 201E offers should be sufficient for us as that sub-gigabit throughput only applies with SSL inspection with my understanding. You are welcome to bid what you recommend or something equivalent.

Question: During the walkthrough I was asked if the cable tray absolutely had to be 8"x4" everywhere.

Answer: No it does not have to be. The size was approximated and was based off cable fill estimates. The size of the tray should be based on what accommodates the specifications in the RFP. In the areas where not all cables will be pulled the tray could certainly be smaller.

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