2017 OBJH Track and Field

Parent Letter


Dear Parents,

Once again, it is a pleasure to have your son/daughter out for Otis-Bison Junior High Track and Field.  We as a coaching staff will do everything we can to help your child have a successful experience as a member of our team.

We welcome your participation in your child’s season!  Please encourage your child in exhibiting the qualities of a true competitor.  An enthusiastic attitude, respect for others, and a desire to improve are to be encouraged in your child.  Furthermore:



  1. We excel in class and behave appropriately in school, at practice, and during competition.

     2. We practice and compete like champions.  We are on time.  We attend every

practice.  We work hard.  We listen to coaches.  We encourage our teammates and

respect our opponents.  We follow the rules.

    3. We count on the eighth graders to lead by example.


Track practice begins at 3:30 each day and will extend through 5:00.  Please

help your child by keeping practice times free of appointments and other activities.  


Junior High athletes are allowed to compete up to 4 events.


Your child will be asked to participate in as many events as possible.  If we are limited in the number of athletes we can enter in an event, the coaching staff will make the decision as to which athletes will compete in each event.  Relays will be constructed at the discretion of the coaching staff.  Our goal is to strive for the greatest amount of participation, while fielding the most competitive team possible.

Your child will be expending extra energy during the track season.  It is important that the athlete eat the right amount and type of food.  Encourage eating carbohydrates (breads, potatoes, pasta, etc…), fruits, and vegetables in order to keep athletes properly fueled for maximum performance. Drinking water is especially important to young athletes as well.


All athletes will be expected to keep their grades at a high level while out for track.  Like the other sports, eligibility will be determined on a weekly basis, (no F’s allowed for the weekly grade).  If an athlete is experiencing difficulty in a class, the athlete will do whatever means are necessary to achieve academic success.  Academics come first!

Do not hesitate to contact me if a question arises.  We wish the best for your young athlete in the 2017 season and beyond.




Head Coach Stan Ewy

Assistant Coaches:  Kathy Nelson and Amy Blackburn

2017 OBJH Track and Field



April 6 @ Barton CCC 1:00


April 13 @ Victoria 1:00


April 20 @ LaCrosse 9:00


April 27 @ Ellinwood 4:00


May 2 @ Claflin 1:00


May 4 @ Kinsley 2:00


May 9 @ LaCrosse (CPL) 10:00