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Otis-Bison's Spring Music Concert

Otis-Bison held its annual Spring music concert last night. The show was a blast!

The concert was Rock 'n' Roll themed and featured accompaniment by Mrs. Ewy, Mrs. Goodheart, and special guest band Sister Whiskey. Members of the band helped provide instrumental background to some of the songs and also have helped in tutoring some of the percussion students this year with some of the more difficult instruments. Members of Sister Whiskey are Jake Bell (guitar), Richard Hogan (bass), Solon Northcutt (drums) and Jenny Kling (vocals/keys).

"Bully" is a powerful anti-bullying song by the famous rock band, Shinedown. The Otis-Bison students were introduced to the song in the fall semester and have been working on the song ever since. We believe that many people can relate to this song in one aspect or another. The students are trying to improve their relationships with peers by building them up and supporting them. It is very important that all of our students feel welcome and can become a part of our "Cougar Family". We hope that by the music department bringing this serious situation to light, that it will trickle into other departments throughout the school and other students.

We need to lead by example. As the song states, "We don't have to take this, back against the wall. We don't have to take this, we can end it all."

It needs to start with us protecting each other and we need to stand up to bullying.

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