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Otis-Bison Middle School Robotics

On March 25th the Otis-Bison Middle School Robotics Team of Lucas and Christian attended the 18th Annual FHSU Robotics Competition.  While there they participated in four of the five possible events.  The events were, Line follow, Maze, Sorting Colors, Catapult and Sumo.  The students must build and program each of the robots that they use to complete a set of actions.  The teams are awarded points for being the fastest team to complete the event in Line Follow, Maze and Sorting Colors. For the Catapult event the teams were awarded points for knocking down 10 cups.  Sumo is a bracket style event where the winner is determined by being the lightest robot in a round to remain on the mat at the end of 90 seconds. The OB team took First place in the Maze and had a four-way tie for Second place overall.  Congratulations on a great Robotics season! - Ms. Strommenger (sponsor)


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