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2022 STUCO Day Recap

Otis-Bison's STUCO held their annual STUCO Day festivities on Friday, May 6th and the day couldn't have turned out nicer. Weather and temperature was just perfect.

The 9th-12th grade students got to play several rounds of softball against each other throughout the day and enjoyed a great bbq pulled pork lunch with all the trimmings.

Here's some photos of them playing softball.

Meanwhile, in La Crosse, Junior High students were visiting the Post Rock Museum and Grass Park. There was a special National Science Foundation exhibit the museum was showing and the students were able to learn a bit about geology and some of the underwater drilling efforts for scientific data the JOIDES Resolution is doing. In addition to the museum, students were able to play frisbee golf, horseshoes, and do a little volleyball.

Here's some photos.

Photos of lunch at noon..


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