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2022 Retirement Party

This year Mrs. Barbara Begler, Mrs. Shelly Ewy, Mr. Stan Ewy, Mr. Ron Sandstrom and Mrs. Linda Wagner retired.

A reception was held after school for them. Lots of friends, family, and past students were able to attend.

Mr. Kaempfe shared some nice details about everyone's past teaching history and time at Otis-Bison.

Mr. and Mrs. Ewy competed to get the last word in and shared some lovely stories about their years with us. Mr. and Mrs. Ewy have had the opportunity to teach multiple generations of students at Otis-Bison, some of them even having become teachers at Otis-Bison.

Mr. Sandstrom shared some of his wisdom: Every 5 years do something different to keep those juices going!


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