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STUCO HS Assembly and Leadership conference

On February 3, 2017, Otis-Bison Student Council held an assembly for grades 7-12 and presented information on empathy and a goal we should all aspire to achieve in life: Give it your all; Redo if necessary; Ignore giving up; and Take time to do it right (GRIT). During the first semester, they attended Joe Cole’s Leadership classes held in La Crosse and Victoria, Kansas. The Stuco members have been focusing on GRIT and empathy through these classes and were challenged to make their schools better by educating their peers on the topics learned through Mr. Coles. During the assembly on Friday, OB Stuco members led the student body in an icebreaker game of “Find Someone Who”, in order to encourage the students to mingle and interact with each other. Students also participated in a game of “Telephone”, as a way to support positivity and kindness, in addition, they created their own “Mannequin Challenge” video to promote working together to accomplish a goal. In March, the Student Council will hold a similar assembly for the elementary school students.

On February 15, 2017, the Otis-Bison Student Council hosted the third and last in the series of Joe Coles’s Leadership Classes. Both La Crosse and Victoria high schools participated in the event wherein the Stuco members learned about about the Five Love Languages, How to Achieve Excellence, and How to Make a Difference. The Stuco students gained a variety of tools so they could implement positivity, leadership, kindness, and encouragement throughout our schools.

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