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Jr/Sr High School


PO Box 227

301 W. Eagle St.

Otis, KS 67565


Phone: (785) 387-2336

FAX: (785) 387-2557

Karen Maier, Principal

Travis Starr and Dee Bartonek, Athletic Director

Jr/Sr High Conferences are in-person with scheduled time.

When you click Schedule Conference be sure to scroll to the February Dates to see available times or you can hit the "Jump to the next available date" on the scheduling page. 

You may be asked to verify with a code that is sent to your email after scheduling.

Upon confirming time, you will receive a calendar invite with the conference time.

Scheduling assignments:

Grade 6-Chapman

Grade 7-Richter

Grade 8-Attend meeting from 6 - 7 on Wed (No need to schedule conference if attending meeting.) or Hartshorn if unable to make the meeting.

Grade 9 - Hyatt (Wager will help)

Grade 10- J. Maier

Grade 11- Richards

Grade 12 - Little or Funk

Jennifer Chapman


Jennifer Chapman

Cathy Ochs

Student Success Coordinator

Cathy Ochs

Schedule Conference
Jessica Funk


Jessica Funk

Janelle Maier

JH English/Math & FACs

Janelle Maier

Taylor Richter

High School P.E.

Taylor Richter

Julia Wagner

JH Science/Social Studies

Julia Wagner

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