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Notice of October 11, 2022 Game Information

This is for the HS Volleyball triangular at Kinsley. Varsity and JV will play at the same time. Only Varsity will be streamed.

Warm-up: There will be a 20 minute (4 shared, 4 Home, 4 Visitor, 4 Home, 4 Visitor) warm-up period to begin and between the first and second matches only, then a 10 minute (2 Shared, 4 Home, 4 Visitor) warm-up period for the final matches.

Order of Play:

Dome Court #1 Dome Court #2

Kinsley v Otis-Bison (V) Ellinwood vs Otis-Bison (JV)

Ellinwood vs Otis-Bison (V) Kinsley v Otis-Bison (JV)

Senior Night Recognition

Kinsley v Ellinwood (V) (Break)

Kinsley v Ellinwood (JV)

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