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Notice of November 20, 2023 Game Information

Otis-Bison JH Basketball travels to Ellinwood on November 20.

WARM-UP: Basketball – Teams will have a 10-minute warm-up session before the A and B game.


Basketball: Games are set to start at 4:30 p.m. The order of play is as follows:

North (New) Gym - Boys

Ellinwood B vs. Otis-Bison B

Ellinwood A vs. Otis-Bison A

South (Old) Gym - Girls

4:30 Ellinwood B vs. Otis-Bison B

5:30 Ellinwood A vs. Otis-Bison A

Note that girls B team will play only 3 quarters. For the boys B team, they will only play 2 quarters. A- teams will play full games. There will be NO C- Team games played.


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