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After school walking club

Two perfect weather days for our walks! - Ms. Kohls

Group photo in Tumbleweed
Shelly Dewald (Otis city clerk) and Jenny Landers (mayor of Otis) visited with the kids about the history of Otis. Then, set up a table with great snacks! (At The Tumbleweed)

Group photo with Mrs. Ewy
Mrs. Ewy read the book, Chicks and Salsa, to the kids today. Then, of course, they ate chips and salsa! (At The Tumbleweed)

Group photo in front of pickup with Jake
Jake Crotinger (O-B Alum) talked to the Walking Club about the services the CO-OP provides and then served popcorn for a snack!

Group photo with Bobbi and Carol Trapp
Bobby and Carol Trapp talked to the kids about their World Pest Control business and gave them some fun goodies.

Group photo with The Cover-Ups and Easter Bunny
The Cover-Ups (Janice Moore and Janet Pechanec) talked to the kids about the their painting business and served up delicious treats. Easter Bunny was there! 🐰

Group photo with Otis librarian amongst bookshelves
We visited the Otis Community Library. (Aimee Kenyon, librarian) provided the kids with a little notebook to track walking steps and an Easter craft.

Group photo with staff of People's Bank and Trust
People Bank and Trust (Eric Anderson, Lila Vondracek, and Evy Sohm) provided the kids with a bottle of water and coin pouches/chapstick.

Group photo with Agency One staff
Agency One (Scott and Kim Higgason) talked to us about their insurance business and gave the kids a fruit snack!

Group photo with GBT bags
Golden Belt Telephone (Kara Jecha) provided the walking club with backpack cinch bags for our walks! Such a great, supportive community!


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