2022 Board of Education Appreciation

Board of Education and past member, Gary Yost
Board of Education

January is Kansas School Board Appreciation Month. We would like to recognize our current school board members and thank them for their service to our kids and schools:

Bernard Juno - Board President - First elected 1997 and has given 25 years of service.

Everett Royer - Board Vice President - First appointed 2015 and has served the past 7 years.

Robert Mitchell - First appointed 2015 and has served the past 7 years.

Jason Wagner - First appointed 2018 and has served the past 4 years.

Sean Kelly - Appointed in 2021 and serving his first term.

Mandy Wiltse - She previously served for 3 years from 2012-2015 and is now serving a new term.

Phillip Funk - Serving his first term.

We would also like to recognize Mr. Gary Yost. Mr. Yost served on the school board from 2005-2021. He served on the board for over a decade and a half of service to our kids and schools.


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