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Interested in sponsoring SADD or Scholar's Bowl?

Otis-Bison High School is in need of filling two sponsorships for this school year. If you have interest in either position, please contact Mr. Goodheart.

At the current time we have no sponsor for High School Scholar's Bowl and SADD.

If you are interested in being the Scholar's Bowl Sponsor for Otis-Bison High this position needs to be filled by Mid September. As the sponsor you would be responsible for getting questions to the KSHSAA by October 1, 2016. The staff at OBHS is willing to help with those. The schedule of events is pretty well set. We have tentatively set our OBHS Invitational for Tuesday, November 8, 4:00 pm.

The position would include, practicing with students, choosing the students to attend the meets, accompanying students to the Scholar's Bowl Competitions, helping to develop bus schedules for the events, helping choose the All League Scholar's Bowl Team, choosing the letter winners and possibly hosting an invitational meet. This would include developing a workers list, ordering the questions, and the general organization of the meet.

At the present time Mrs. Maier has said she will organize the SADD Dinner in conjunction with the All School Play. The play is tentatively set for Saturday, November 12, 2016. The other activities that need sponsorship is the SADD Variety Show which is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 2017. This would include scheduling rehearsals and making decisions on who qualifies for being in the program. We also need help with setting up Project Prom on April 1. The activities included are, developing the snacks, developing the games/activities, soliciting for prizes if this is done and securing the place for Project Prom. The final project that SADD needs to conclude is choosing the 2017 Scholarship recipients. Those awards will be given on May 3, 2107.

The SADD activities could be headed by one person or they could be assigned to several people who become the head of the committees and they solicit help.

The high school staff is willing to help the people who take these positions and give some guidance as needed.

All of the above positions have some stipend pay. If the positions are divided by several people the money would be decided equally between the heads of the committees.

Mr. Goodheart is more than willing to discuss with interested people about the positions.

Contact Mr. Goodheart via email or by calling the school (785) 387-2336.


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