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USD 403 Transportation Update - Aug 11

USD 403 Parents and students:

The purpose of this letter is to update and inform you about our decisions regarding transportation.

We currently only have two full-time route drivers. We have searched for a third driver for several months and have not been successful. Due to this and with our current enrollment of students needing transportation, the only way we can effectively and efficiently transport all students is to only pickup and drop off in the communities of Albert, Timken, Olmitz and Bison.

Our drivers will be contacting families about specific pickup and drop off times in those communities over the next several days. We are attempting to hire afternoon supervision at those locations to supervise students getting picked up.

We will continue to look for a third route driver, so that we can go back to regular routes. For right now this is the most effective and efficient way to provide transportation for all our students. Please, if you or someone you know may be interested in driving a bus for us, contact either Kristi Butler or Brent Kaempfe at 785-387-2201.

***Please also be reminded of the new federal law that mandates all occupants and operators of district vehicles wear a mask. We will have extra masks available for students, should they forget to bring one. This is a federal law and non-compliance with it could affect our federal funding.


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