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Otis-Bison at Cross Country CPL Meet coming up October 12, 2023

Volleyball, Football, Basketball are all things you can watch from the comfort of your home if you choose. The same cannot be said for the sport that is Cross Country and later on in the year Track.

Cross Country is a unique sport that you don't fully get to enjoy unless you're there in person. It's an intense 20-30 minutes of your student running their heart out to achieve their personal best. They're racing against others, but they're also racing against themselves. Each event is a chance to do better and be better.

It all starts with a row of 30+ students all lined up shoulder to shoulder at a starting line– a vibrant mix of all shades of jersey colors. By the time it's over they will be coming through the line single file.

The last Cross Country meet was held outside Sterling, KS. Our cross country athletes at the event consisted of one junior high student, Jack H, and four high school students, Destiny M, Ava K, Abi R, and Emma M.

Jack ran the 1 mile in 6:58.50.

Each of our high school girls achieved a personal record at the event:

Ava ran the 5K in 24:12.50

Abi ran the 5K in 24.46.30

Emma ran the 5K in 25:02.80

Destiny ran the 5K in 22:04.30

Otis-Bison at Cross Country is an event you need to see in person. It's the only sport where you can be as much a participant as a spectator. You can stand along the trail and encourage the students to push on, push harder. You can help keep them cool in the hot air with a spray bottle.

We hope to see you at the Central Prairie League tournament at the Ness City Country Club on October 12, 2023. The tournament starts at 4:00 P.M.


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