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Notice of Friday the 13th Game Information

Otis-Bison HS vs Reno County Sabres

Watch the game live on our youtube:

We will stream the dance routine and try to keep the audio up.

Time Time on the Clock:

6:00 Countdowns Begins:

Warm-up: Reno County Sabres will warm-up on the East end of the gamefield, or on the west end of the practice field. Otis-Bison will warm-up on the practice field then on the West end of the game field.

6:30 30:00 Parents Night

6:50 10:00 National Anthem

6:54 6:00 Starting Lineups

6:57 3:00 Coin Toss

0:00 Set Clock / Kickoff @ 7:00 p.m.

15:00 Half-Time: High School Cheerleading Dance Routine

3:00 Mandatory Warm-up period


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