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Notice of Feb 2, 24 HS Game Information

We expect to be streaming on our youtube here:

Time: 4:30 ½ Girls JV; 5:00 Boys JV; 6:30 Girls Varsity; 8:00 Boys Varsity


JV Games

● Girls @ 4:30pm (Boys @ 5:00pm-approx.)

● 7-min. Quarters, 3-min. Half-time

● 8-min. Warm-ups

● No overtime after 4:50pm for Girls’ JV-Game

● No overtime after 6:00pm for Boys’ JV-Game

● JV game times can be adjusted by the schools when fewer games are played

Varsity Games

● Girls @ 6:30pm, Boys @ 8:00pm

● Regulation: 8-min. Quarters, 10-min. Half-time

● 15-min Warm-ups

● No extended half-times on Tuesday night games

● Recognitions/Homecomings should be on a Friday or Saturday night.


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