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Kiowa County Media Center Stream Sponsor Request

Otis-Bison's Cougar Broadcast crew will be able to live stream the Otis-Bison matches, but we also want to share Kiowa County Media Center's sponsor request for their live stream. They do a very high quality production, especially at their home tournament.

Kiowa County Media Center in Greensburg is seeking sponsors for their live stream of the Kiowa County Shootout Basketball Tournament, starting next Tuesday Dec. 6th, Thursday Dec. 8th & Saturday Dec. 10th.

These sponsors can be families at $100, they would have a personalized slide for players or just a shout out to the team; and business sponsors at $150.

The below video is their sponsor recruitment video and there is also an image attached with samples of their sponsorship slides. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Ali Brensing by Friday December 2nd, 2022 Email her here:


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