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Questions and responses regarding USD 403's E-Rate RFP will be posted on this page.

What switch models do you need SFP modules for?

Please contact me directly: with "E-Rate" in the subject line and I will answer this.

Do you want this system installed and certified for 10Gig?  If not, what are your certification requirements?


As we currently only have 1Gig switches, I don't believe you would be able to certify the fiber as 10Gig. If it's possible to certify as 10Gig from patch panel to patch panel, I would prefer that. If that can't be done, then 1Gig.


The important part is that whatever fiber is installed should be capable of carrying 10Gig when we upgrade our switches in the next few years. I don't want to have to run new fiber when that time comes.



What model of SFP modules are compatible with your existing switches? 


MGBSX1 - Multimode fiber - 1000 Mbps - 300 m

MGBLH1 - Single-mode fiber - 1000 Mbps - 40 km

MGBLX1 - Single-mode fiber - 1000 Mbps - 10 km


Do you want simplex or duplex? 


What dates/times do you have available for a walk-through?

Walk-throughs have been scheduled for Monday January 14th​ ​from 1:00 – 3:00 pm and Wednesday January 16th from 9:00 – 11:00 am. Walk-throughs shall begin at 301 W. Eagle St, Otis, KS. Vendors not arriving within 15 min of beginning of walk through or leaving the walk through early will not be counted as present. 

I’m hoping you can give me more details on the power needs for your UPSs/backup batteries?   

Both UPS can/should be the same requirements. The only thing that will be on the UPS is the switch and the rack itself if you offer a rack with fans.


Do you have a specific model number that you are requesting or that you prefer? 

We have APC in our racks, currently.

What form (rack mount or tower) UPS you would like?

Rack mount. The UPS should fit in the rack you offer.


Type of UPS? (Offline, Line interactive, or Double Conversion)

Line interactive

How many watts do you need per UPS?

600 minimum. No more than 1000. 


Run time?

10-15 minutes. 


Input/output voltages?



Power distribution required/Outlets required?

6 x NEMA 5-15R (standard receptacle)

Do you require any environmental monitoring?


Two post or four post racks? 

No preference other than it must mount to the wall, this will be better understood after doing the walkthrough.

Is there cable management requested? 

Just the fiber that is installed

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