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Notice of January 13, 2023 Game Information

Otis-Bison High School travels to La Crosse on January 13 for basketball.

It is the La Crosse Snowball. The ceremony will take place at the half-time of the Var Boys Game.

Starting Times: 4:00 pm Gate (Tera H., Jametta B)

**Court swept

  1. JV Girls (2 X 8 min. Qts.)

  2. 10 min. warm-up

  3. play as the 3rd and 4th qts *** 2 Full TO; 1- 30 sec TO***

  4. JV Boys (4 X 8 min Qts.)

  5. 10 min warm-up

  6. 8 min. Half-time

**Court swept

  1. Var. Girls (4 X 8 min. Qts.)

  2. 15 min. warm-up

  3. 10 min. Half-time

**Court swept

  1. Var. Boys (4 X 8 min. Qts.)

  2. 15 min warm-up

  3. 10 min Half-time (***King/Queen Crowning will take place at half-time. After the ceremony and the court is swept, 3 min. will be placed on the clock.)


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