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Notice of 8-25-23 Football Jamboree Information

The Cougar Broadcast hopes to stream the Otis-Bison portions if we can get sufficient Internet connection. With the way the heat has been I'm a little worried our devices might get cooked.

DATE: August 25, 2023

LaCrosse, Central Plains, Otis-Bison, Spearville


Jamboree begins @ 7:30

  1. Visiting team will play Offense first.

  2. Offense will start on the 30 yard line

  3. Offense will get 12 plays (8 varsity/4 JV) and then switch to defense

  4. 5 minute break for switching from offense to defense

  5. 10 minute break before starting a new game

**Coaches will not be allowed on the field during play. They must be on the sideline just like a regular game**

(home team listed first; will wear dark jersey; will be on the west sideline)

North End: South End

La Crosse vs Otis-Bison Central Plains vs Spearville

La Crosse vs Spearville Central Plains vs Otis-Bison

La Crosse vs Central Plains Otis-Bison vs Spearville


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